We're helping factory heroes with six months' FREE use of the app

Why are we doing this?

We want to do our part to help factory heroes working hard to produce facial masks, hand sanitiser, medical respirators, and other items.

Who are we doing this for?

This offer applies to factories that offer added value in the fight against the coronavirus, including those currently altering their production processes to make items such as protective and medical equipment, and medicines.

What’s the deal?

We’re offering the EZ-GO mobile app to factories and their heroes free for six months. We’ll also help you to implement it and train your employees.

EZ-GO helps factory heroes

This simple visual app helps you achieves continuous improvements in production efficiency. It allows you to digitize checklists, autonomous maintenance tasks, and audits. And it offers the opportunity to set up work instructions and suggest improvements to standards.

The app meets the needs of many different factory workers, such as operators, team leaders, production managers, lean managers, and mechanics. It replaces paper forms, creates a safer and more hygienic working environment, and lightens the workload of shop-floor operators.

EZ-GO helps you to

  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Monitor product quality
  • Increase efficiency on shop floor
  • Train new employees more quickly

Autonomous maintenance for a safe and hygienic working environment

Routine cleaning of the production environment, machine inspections and autonomous maintenance tasks, help you to keep the workplace safe and hygienic. The EZ-GO app enables you and your operators to schedule these as autonomous tasks.  

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Checklists help you maintain standard working methods

EZ-GO’s visual checklists let you enforce standards, so operators always know what to do and how to do it. They allow you to train new employees faster, so they become productive sooner. For example, you can create digital checklists for starting up and securing machines, shift handovers, and hygiene and quality standards for working environments, machines and products.

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Audits guarantee safety and quality within your factory

The app provides real-time insights into the condition of your factory. It lets you carry out safety, hygiene and quality audits, for example to monitor cleaning quality and deal with any issues using the action and chat module.

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Start implementing now

It takes only a few hours to create digital standards for a production line, so you get immediate results. We can help you to get started quickly, so you can roll out the app independently and with limited effort, and it’s free for six months.

EZ-GO’s unique visual design and ease of use have made it extremely popular! Request it now, and start right away. Email us at hi@ezfactory.nl or call 088-9904200.

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