Digital skills matrix provides a quick overview of skills

Allocate employees according to their capabilities and continuously develop your team.


Why a digital skills matrix?

The skills matrix outlines operators' skills and what development is needed. Having a digital record means the information is always up to date, making scheduling and training an easy task.

The skills matrix displays each employees' skills, core qualities and certifications. Assess the skills of your employees and every new task they have learned. The digital skills matrix provides an instant and up-to-date overview.


Features of Skills Matrix

The digital skills matrix on the EZ-GO platform makes it easy to schedule employees, gain insight into their skills and plan trainings.

Assess skills

Skills assessments help you assess and train your employees in a focused way

Demonstrate compliance

Clear overview

Details on skills, core qualities and certifications for each employee

Clear visuals

Use images and videos to illustrate how important procedures should be carried out

New work instructions?

Document  them instantly in the skills management module

Manage capacity

You can see who possesses which skills at a glance. This enables fast and easy personnel planning


Is someone off sick? The skills matrix shows which other operators have the necessary skills

Achieve goals

Operators have insight in what is required for certain roles and can develop accordingly

Develops skills

The overview shows which skills can be developed at both individual and team level

A platform with numerous possibilities

A platform with numerous possibilities

The platform offers, next to a mobile version, also a web portal where authorized users can upload information, check reports, export data and configure the entire platform.

Benefits of the EZ-GO platform

  • Reduce the risk of safety incidents
  • Increase quality and decrease quality defects
  • Train operators faster and better
  • Improve hygiene within the factory
  • Comply with customer demands
  • Give operators overview in their work
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and short stops
  • Increase productivity of operators
  • Improve attractiveness for new employees
  • Yearly benefits of €80K - €250K

Use cases EZ-GO

Other manufacturers have preceded you in the digital transformation of their production environment and already experience benefits of the EZ-GO platform.

Autonomous Maintenance for Dairy industry.

Boost Autonomous Maintenance in your factory.

Autonomous Maintenance for Food and Beverages industry.
Food & Beverages

Maintain high standards within your production environment.

Autonomous Maintenance for Chemical industry.

Sustain quality of products.

Continuous Improvement for Steel and Construction industry.
Steel & Construction

More focus on control and cleanliness, resulting in better safety for employees.

Continuous Improvement for Pharmacy industry.

Improved productivity and educate operators easier.


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