Process confirmation to maintain standards and processes

Check if critical processes and procedures in your factory are executed as they are designed


Why process confirmation

Process confirmation stimulates performance by engaged leadership on the production floor.

Process confirmation is key to check if critical processes and procedures are properly executed in your factory. With the frequent presence of leadership on the factory floor to evaluate the correct execution and results of standards and procedures, you will improve safety, quality and efficiency.


Features of Process confirmation

The EZ-GO platform enables management and other employees in factories to check adherence to critical standards and processes with process confirmation.

Gemba walks on safety & hygiene

Ensure the safety and hygiene within the production environment by performing Gemba walks frequently

Demonstrate compliance

Multidisciplinary use

Process confirmation is being used by Production, QESH, HR, and Maintenance

Easier to identify
No missing details

Action management

Simply add text, images and video’s to deviations and connect with the correct involved colleagues

Picture proof

Confirm if a quality control point complies with the requirements with a picture

Instant chat module

Use chat to communicate with colleagues concerning improvements or issues

Digital signing

Process confirmation lists can be signed by management, operators and team leaders

Insights in history

Look back in time with reports and find possible improvements to your processes

Scoring method

Give preset scores to process confirmation points and check over time if there is any progress

A platform with numerous possibilities

A platform with numerous possibilities

The platform offers, next to a mobile version, also a web portal where authorized users can upload information, check reports, export data and configure the entire platform.

Benefits of the EZ-GO platform

  • Reduce the risk of safety incidents
  • Increase quality and decrease quality defects
  • Train operators faster and better
  • Improve hygiene within the factory
  • Comply with customer demands
  • Give operators overview in their work
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and short stops
  • Increase productivity of operators
  • Improve attractiveness for new employees
  • Yearly benefits of €80K - €250K

Use cases EZ-GO

Other manufacturers have preceded you in the digital transformation of their production environment and already experience benefits of the EZ-GO platform.

Autonomous Maintenance for Dairy industry.

Boost Autonomous Maintenance in your factory.

Autonomous Maintenance for Food and Beverages industry.
Food & Beverages

Maintain high standards within your production environment.

Autonomous Maintenance for Chemical industry.

Sustain quality of products.

Continuous Improvement for Steel and Construction industry.
Steel & Construction

More focus on control and cleanliness, resulting in better safety for employees.

Continuous Improvement for Pharmacy industry.

Improved productivity and educate operators easier.


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