Add tags to work instructions, checklists, tasks, audits, or actions.

This way, you can quickly find the right item and create clear analyses of the data in EZ-GO.

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Why use tags?

Tags make it easy to categorize and analyze data from EZ-GO. The tag structure is simple to set up.

With tags, you will gain insights into what is going well and where improvement is possible. It offers structured and valuable input for continuous improvement.

How Tagging Works

Within the EZ-GO platform, you can easily create a tag structure. The tag structure consists of main categories, under which individual tags are organized. So this ensures a consistent use of tags. You can assign tags to every item in EZ-GO, such as work instructions, checklists, tasks, audits, or actions.

Insight through Categorization

Tags help categorize and analyze data from EZ-GO. This can span across factories because you use the same categories. For instance, the structured data from checklists provides insight into efforts and results in areas like safety or sustainability.

By assigning tags to individual actions, you gain insight into the types of incidents occurring. This guides structural improvements.

Standardization and Flexibility

The EZ-GO tag manager simplifies setting up the tag structure. Also, it has clear colors that enhance clarity. Tags can be used across different factories. Additionally, it’s possible to add specific local tags per factory.

The tag functionality is readily available in the EZ-GO platform. Are you already using it? Or do you want to learn more? Feel free to contact us or request a DEMO.