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We are always looking for new talent to help achieve our ambitions. We are not workers, we are adventurers!

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Working at EZ Factory means having a direct impact on the success and continued growth of our company. We give our employees a lot of freedom for them to grow and develop within a dynamic and innovative environment in Eindhoven. EZ Factory ensures that companies are able to supply their quality products more efficiently and in a more optimised fashion. This makes us very happy, but our clients even more! You can contribute as well. Who wouldn’t want that in their future?!

Diversity of staff adds more creativity and brings fresh ideas to the table. We are constantly looking for driven and ambitious talent with a passion for technology, who are able to help our clients digitise their production locations. We are quite the ambitious bunch. We aim for continuous growth and look beyond the borders of our country. Feel like joining us on our adventure? Apply to the vacancies below right now or send us an email explaining why you should be our new colleague!

We always enjoy meeting talented people. Can’t find the vacancy of your dreams? Let us know and tell us why you would like to join the EZ Factory adventure.


We always enjoy meeting talented people. Can’t you find your dream job on this page? Let us know and tell us why you want to participate in our adventure.

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