Importing and analyzing information automatically with the Data API

The data API of EZ-GO enables the automatic importation of data from the EZ-GO platform into analysis systems such as Power BI, Bluetab, or QlikView.

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Why use the Data API?

What you store digitally, you can retrieve digitally! Thanks to a uniform data format and simple integration, EZ-GO data can be utilized in all BI systems. This facilitates clear and quick analyses and visualizations.

You can merge EZ-GO data with data from other systems, thereby gaining valuable insights that directly contribute to improvements.

How the Data API works

If you’re still working with paper, you can only dream of the analyses made possible by EZ-GO. We continuously capture the digital data from checklists, audits, actions, and all other data elements in EZ-GO in a separate environment per client. Through a simple integration, this data can be automatically imported into your company environment, for example, in Power BI, Bluetab, QlikView, or another BI system.

Using different types of data

In addition to the data from checklists, audits, or actions, you can also utilize other data records in EZ-GO. For instance, data on temperature, pressure, or pH values filled in the production environment. Or KPIs such as cutting loss, noted by operators during shift handovers.

All data captured in EZ-GO can be imported via the data API.

Possibilities thanks to the Data API of EZ-GO

The data API serves as a starting point. There are various data formats to choose from when importing. You have the option to use all data or select specific categories. Thus, the API is suitable for both advanced BI users and companies looking to conduct simple analyses with Excel. You can also opt to work with a BI service or an enterprise API gateway.

The data can be included in a data warehouse and utilized for correlations with data from other sources, such as a maintenance management system or quality management system. The possibilities are endless!


The data API is an optional functionality (add-on) within the EZ-GO platform.

Customers who use it are highly enthusiastic about the easy-to-implement API environment.

What matters most to us is: data security, seamless integration, and many possibilities to utilize the data. From EZ-GO to all systems; we keep it easy.

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