Connected Worker

The connected worker: more pleasure, better productivity

For problem-free and efficient production, operators need to be able to communicate easily with each other and with the operational systems. But what is the best form for this? They usually do not have their own desk or computer in the workplace. A connected worker platform provides the right support, prevents errors, and improves productivity.

To work efficiently and safely, colleagues in production must communicate a lot with each other. There are several critical moments, for example a shift handover, production start-up or changeover. If this is done verbally or with paper lists, it takes a lot of time. Moreover, it is very error prone. Result: disruptions, errors, loss of quality and frustration among colleagues.

Operators are the most important link in the production process. Yet they are often given limited resources to support their work, such as paper checklists and complex system interfaces. They are a source of annoyance and do not work. What does work is a user-friendly system that is completely tailored to the operational processes: a connected worker platform.

The connected worker

Such a connected worker platform supports communication within a team, interaction with production systems and communication to management.

EZ-GO is such a connected worker platform. It contains digital work instructions, checklists, audits, and the ability to quickly report problems. The statistics make continuous improvement possible. The EZ-GO platform was developed in close consultation with operators, because they have to work with it every day.

How does the connected worker platform work?

What are the benefits of a connected worker platform? We demonstrate this using the functionalities in EZ-GO.

There is a tablet with the EZ-GO app at every workplace. Here, for example, the operator retrieves checklists or views reports from the previous shift. This information is always available where it is needed. Nothing is ever forgotten during a transfer because all information is in the app.

The content is maintained digitally and centrally. This means it is always up to date and available to everyone. So no more different versions of the same work instruction, everyone works in the same way. The information is easy to update and immediately visible to everyone.

When an operator conducts a check, he or she checks it off in the app. If there are any issues, they are reported and assigned to the right person. So, everyone always has access to outstanding issues, and they are resolved quickly.

All checks and transfers are recorded digitally. This provides a wealth of information. For example, if you see that there are often problems at certain points in the production process, you can address them. The connected worker platform is therefore also a source of continuous improvement.

What should you pay attention to?

If you invest in a connected worker platform, pay attention to a number of things.

  1. Is it user-friendly? Always involve operators in the demos; they are the people who will be working with it the most.
  2. You can fill and maintain the content yourself? Processes are constantly changing and improving. Can you easily incorporate this into the platform yourself?
  3. Is there a good interface with other systems? Can you extract statistics from it to discuss in the work meeting? And is there the option to link the app to, for example, a technical service system?
  4. Is it scalable? Can you easily connect more people? And is it easy to enable new features, such as audits?
  5. Does it provide sufficient options for visual content? A photo or film often says more than 1,000 words, especially in a production environment. Is it easy to add images to work instructions or checklists?

A connected worker is a happy worker.

Of course, safety, productivity and quality are important. But what often is forgotten: an operator who is well supported, will also enjoy working more. That is the most important benefit of a connected worker platform.

Shift transfers become easier, start-ups and changeovers happen faster and there are fewer disruptions. Digital work instructions make training easier and can always be consulted later. If something could be improved, the operator can initiate it himself. This gives more autonomy and job satisfaction. And that is excellent for productivity.

Do you also want to give your operators access to a connected worker platform? We are happy to provide a demo of the EZ-GO platform. Contact us and ask about the possibilities.