Audit trail: always insights into changes

With a digital platform such as EZ-GO, you want to record clearly what changes in the standards such as checklists, work instructions, and audits. This is important for compliance and quality assurance. Every change is automatically recorded and is easy to review.

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Why is Audit trail important

The user-friendliness of EZ-GO makes it simple to change items such as work instructions and checklists. That is precisely why it is important to properly record such changes. EZ-GO does that automatically. This promotes transparency, compliance, and quality of the processes. When results change, you can also see whether it could be related to a change.

This is how Audit trail works

You don’t have to do anything to record changes, it happens automatically. Consulting is also easy. Each standard (work instruction, audit, task, checklist) has an ‘audit trail’ where you can see the changes. You can click through for more information. You see what has changed, by whom and when.

Important for auditors and quality

Customer auditors carefully check the quality of the processes. They want to know what has changed. The audit trail immediately provides the required transparency without additional actions. This can also be important for quality management and in the event of possible incidents.

The audit trail is a standard feature of the EZ-GO platform. Do you want to know more about it?