EZ Factory at CES Las Vegas 2022: The Most Influential Tech Event in the World

Tech has never been more important in our lives and CES 2022 will bring the industry back together to experience the next generation of innovation.

Over 1100 companies from across the globe – with more being added every day – will showcase the latest in digital health, food tech, automotive tech, NFTs, gaming, smart home and more at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Check out how innovators and more are making their mark on the industry.



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“Developing software is simple, but it is very
difficult to develop simple software”

EZ Factory is a technology company that develops software for the industry, focused on continuous improvement. The EZ-GO platform has been developed by operators and for operators and empowers them to increase and guarantee the results in the field of safety, quality and efficiency within their production environment. The simple and highly visual software platform is used in factories to create an overview of all scheduled autonomous maintenance tasks, standardize checklists and visualize audits. In addition, our platform offers the possibility to set up work instructions and initiate improvement actions to tackle deviations from the standard and to prevent repetition.

The platform supports all disciplines in a factory such as operators, team leaders, technicians and managers from different departments (SHE, Q, HR, CI).

The platform for every factory

Improve safety, quality and efficiency by digitizing paper forms, lists and other documents on the shop floor.


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