Introducing Exciting New Add-ons and Features in EZ-GO!

New Add-ons:

Work Instructions Library:

Easy access to visualized work instructions

What does the Work Instruction Library offer? 

The aging population and the high turnover of employees have an enormous impact on safety within a factory and the performance of a factory.
Therefore, safeguard knowledge and skills within the factory with clear visual work instructions and ensure that everyone can work safely and, when necessary, there is always a standard work procedure that can be used immediately.

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Skills Management Module:

Evaluate employee skills efficiently with assessments and a dynamic skills matrix.

What does the Skills Management Module offer?

The skills matrix outlines operators’ skills and what development is needed. Having a digital record means the information is always up to date, making scheduling and training an easy task.
The skills matrix displays each employees’ skills, core qualities and certifications. Assess the skills of your employees and every new task they have learned. The digital skills matrix provides an instant and up-to-date overview.

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EZ Feed Communication Module:

Facilitate seamless communication across your organization with EZ Feed.

What does the EZ Feed Communication Module offer? 

Share information and communicate instantly in a fast and easy way.
The EZ Feed functionality is designed to connect factory workers and teams across shifts, departments and plants, leading to better visibility, performance and communication.

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New Features and Improvements:

Picture Proof:

Ensure compliance with mandatory photo capture of executed standards.

How does Picture Proof work?

You want to capture the most critical checkpoints in production using picture proof. For example, the quality of the finished product or the hygiene standard of a department. You can add “Picture Proof” to a checklist step, a task or an audit step. This enforces the end user to take a picture when reporting the step finished. The picture proof is then saved including a watermark with the end user’s name and time of execution.

Improved Task Recurrences:

Tasks can be scheduled at a fixed or dynamic interval of X days (for example, every 10 days)

How do the new patterns work?

Do you want to schedule tasks that do not fit into a weekly or monthly pattern but, for example, once every 10 days? This is now possible with the new recurrence patterns for intervals on a daily basis. You can schedule a task to return e.g. every 10 days. In addition, you can set a task to happen e.g. every 10 days after it was last executed (dynamic daily interval).

QR Code Scanning:

Use the QR code scanner for quick and easy access to your daily standard work

How does QR code scanning work?

With the QR Code scanner, you can quickly scan a QR code from a checklist, work instruction or audit to have the most up-to-date standard instantly available on your phone or tablet. Stick the QR code on a machine for the step-by-step work instruction or on an entry door to instantly have the latest version of the 5S audit available for that specific area.

Pause Task Generation:

For a period of time, turn off planned tasks in 1 or more areas, for a planned production shutdown, to see only relevant tasks and manage 100% execution.

How does task disabling work?
During a production or seasonal stop in which a line or area is not active for a certain period of time, scheduled tasks can be turned off. The tasks will no longer be scheduled or displayed in the task dashboard. Your task reports will contain only relevant data.

Multi Skip functionality:

Skip all non-relevant tasks instantly by clicking multi skip in the task feature

How does Multi Skip work?

Is planned maintenance scheduled on your line or are you out of production orders and you cannot perform the scheduled autonomous maintenance tasks that should normally be done during production? Then skip all tasks at once with the new “Multi Skip” functionality. This way, you can quickly and easily skip all tasks with a specific reason. As a user you can give a specific reason for skipping.

Multiple PDF Instructions:

Add multiple work instruction PDFs to e.g. a task

URL Linking:

Jump to other systems using URL linking capabilities

Combined Instruction formats:

Combine various instruction formats such as PDFs, photos, videos, and URL links

Improved visibility of Completed Checklists, Tasks, and Audits:

View completed checklists, tasks, and audits directly within the template for enhanced tracking and monitoring.

Datawarehouse API:

Automated data provisioning

Tagging Functionality:

Easily categorize checklists, tasks, audits, actions, and work instructions

Template Sharing:

Share knowledge and content with sister factories

Ultimo Connector:

Collaborate efficiently by sharing actions seamlessly with Ultimo Maintenance Management system.

Audit Trail:

Keep track of all content changes in the Content Management System

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