7 benefits of an AM solution in the cloud

7 benefits of an AM solution in the cloud

All of EZ Factory’s clients work with the EZ-GO platform in the cloud. The EZ-GO platform is a convenient way of digitizing check lists, core tasks, audits and work instructions in your factory. Allowing you to improve on safety, quality and productivity.

There are a lot of benefits to a cloud-based platform.

  1. Reliable

The EZ-GO platform runs on servers of one of the best cloud providers in the world: Amazon Web Services. With data centres all over the world, they are currently the largest cloud platform. Millions of customers use it, from private individuals to SME’s and from large multinationals to public services.

  1. Operational 24/7

Because the platform runs in the cloud, it is available 24/7. A major benefit, especially for companies that work in shifts and for international production companies.

  1. Always up to date

We maintain and administer the software centrally, in the cloud. As a result, you’ve always got an up-to-date version of the EZ-GO platform with all the associated features.

  1. New features available quickly

All users of the EZ-GO platform at your company enjoy immediate online availability of new functionalities.

  1. The server costs are on us

The costs of data storage and server maintenance are on us.

  1. Secure

Once your data is stored on the cloud servers, it is thoroughly secured to keep it safe at all times and visible for authorised eyes only. Personal data is administered in accordance with European privacy legislation.

  1. Centralized availability of performance data

An important feature of the EZ-GO platform are its dashboards. They display analyses about the performance of various production lines and periods. The cloud provides a convenient way to make this information insightful for different people in your organisation, such as production management or the CI manager. Access can be configured in great detail. Share such data with your HQ or other production sites. The cloud makes it both convenient and secure.

In short

  • The platform runs on the largest cloud provider in the world.
  • The software and data are available and up to date at all times.
  • All users get immediate access to new features.
  • No charge for storage and administration.
  • Your data is secured professionally and thoroughly.
  • Conveniently share customised performance data, also with other sites.

Future proof

When it comes to improving the safety, quality and efficiency at your factory, cloud-based is the way to go. The software is available to all users at all times, always up to date and secure. The data generated by the platform is easy and safe to share.

Want to learn more about working with the EZ-GO platform in the cloud? We would love to tell you more. Drop us a line at: https://ezfactory.nl/en/demo-ez-go.