Attracting and onboarding the new generation of operators

The new generation of operators are digital natives. They have grown up with the internet, apps and use their mobile phones for everything. You can’t give them a paper checklist or a work instruction in a binder (“What?”). An operator app like EZ-GO fits perfectly with their world. This makes onboarding easy and the job more attractive – important in times of labor shortages.

There is a great shortage of good operators. As a company, you need to differentiate yourself as an attractive employer. Matters such as salary and employment conditions are important, but first and foremost, you must offer interesting work. A modern working environment, with lots of autonomy and fun colleagues, is a reason to choose a company, according to research.


Attractive work

An operator app like EZ-GO gives the operator a lot of autonomy. The app works on a tablet that is located at the production line, and indicates which checks, tasks or audits need to be performed. Digital work instructions make it easy to look up how to do something at any time. This allows an employee to work autonomously, safely and efficiently shortly after onboarding. That is quite different from having to search for lists or calling in an experienced colleague because you don’t know what to do. The autonomy that the app provides is highly appreciated by operators.


Easy onboarding

In general, new operators are trained by experienced colleagues. This puts an unfair burden on some senior colleagues. With a good operator platform, this is no longer necessary. After explaining the most important tasks, the new operator can quickly get started independently. The digital app contains visual work instructions with clear photos and videos, which can be consulted at any time. The digital checklists ensure that no steps are forgotten. The visual set-up has an additional advantage: even operators who do not speak fluent in the native language can easily work with it.


Solving problems on your own

Autonomy also means being able to easily solve problems yourself. Think of material getting stuck or a component coming loose. When there are work instructions available in the app to solve such problems, the operator can do it themselves. This saves time, the technical department doesn’t have to come and the operator experiences control over their own work environment.


Continuous training and improvement

Finally, an operator can contribute to improvements from the first day of work. A good operator app includes the ability to report problems and improvement suggestions. In EZ-GO, an operator does this by creating an action and assigning it to the right person. Such notifications are also visible in the platform dashboard, alongside various statistics. When a particular problem or issue occurs more frequently, it can be discussed in the daily work meeting, and the operator themselves can initiate the desired improvement.


More employee satisfaction, less turnover

By working with an operator platform and app such as EZ-GO, newcomers on the production floor are quickly onboarded, they can get to work independently, and there is less pressure on experienced personnel for onboarding. The app makes the work of operators more enjoyable and easier, and gives a strong sense of autonomy. We call that: power to the operator! This improves employee satisfaction and prevents turnover.


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