EZ-GO app competes for MKB Innovation Top 100

EZ-GO app competes for MKB Innovation Top 100

Every year, the Netherlands’ Chamber of Commerce (KvK) presents the 100 most innovative SMEs (known as ‘MKB’ in Dutch). This year, EZ Factory is joining the competition with its innovative EZ-GO app. On Thursday 27th June, the KvK will announce if we are one of the 100 nominees.

Greater range
“The MKB Innovation Top 100 aims to show how the Netherlands is excelling at innovation. Entrepreneurs from SMEs compete for a place in this Top 100 every year, because research by the KvK shows that innovation leads to growth”, says co-founder Robert Bouwman of EZ Factory. “With this Top 100 we can introduce more companies to our innovative app.”

Indicates where you stand
That is not the only reason to participate. Randy Appiah, co-founder of EZ Factory, adds: “Almost all of the Top 100 companies saw their profits increase, hired additional staff and also started doing business outside of the Netherlands. The Innovation Top 100 is a good indicator for you as a company to see where you stand. It’s extremely valuable information for us now that we are growing from start-up to scale-up.”

About our app
EZ-GO is an app that helps operators work more safely, create a cleaner, more hygienic working environment, produce quality products and increase machine efficiency. Robert explains: “It makes it much easier for the operator to keep machines in optimum condition, to address issues immediately and to identify points of improvement. So we use the untapped potential of the man or woman on the production line. ”

Specially for operators
Randy continues: “Our application is built on input from operators, because they know better than anyone what it takes to do the job well and preferably even better every day. The application is very visual and contains detailed images and videos. The text only serves to support the images. So the application is very user-friendly and requires almost no explanation-that is the secret of our EZ-GO.”

Create simple apps
As Johan Cruyff said: “Football is simple, but the most difficult thing is simply playing football.” That also applies to apps: Making apps is simple, but the most difficult thing there is, is making simple apps. It is not easy to make an app that does what it should do and at the same time is also simple and intuitive.

On Thursday 27th June, we will hear whether we have been nominated for the MKB Innovation Top 100. The winner of the award will be announced on Wednesday 25th September. To be continued!

More info or demo?
View our registration on the Chamber of Commerce website. Or have you become curious about our EZ-GO app? Request a free demo so we can tell you more!