EZ-GO: EZ-Factory’s digital ‘hat-trick’

EZ-GO: EZ-Factory’s digital ‘hat-trick’

The EZ-GO app was designed by EZ-Factory to meet the demands of operators in production environments. The tool makes their day-to-day work a lot safer, more efficient and pleasant. In addition to the operators, the EZ-GO app is also of benefit to the manufacturing companies themselves and the end user (most often a consumer). As a result, EZ-Factory scores a ‘hat-trick’ with its innovative and intuitive app.


The benefits for the operator are obvious: the app was specifically designed for and by operators in response to the challenges they face. Digitization of checklists and audits, core tasks and instructions:

  • guarantees factory standards;
  • heightens security;
  • improves quality;
  • increases efficiency; and
  • boosts performance and promotes satisfaction.

Briefly put, the user-friendly app gives the operator control over his work and insight into the primary maintenance activities that ensure that he can work safely and efficiently on high-quality products.

Embraced by the corporate world

The corporate world can also reap the benefits of EZ-GO. After all, timely and thorough primary maintenance restricts the risk of disruptions and incidents. As a result, production is carried out in a safer, smoother and more efficient manner – without any loss-making downtime. Machines maintained in top condition, on the other hand, provide the necessary assurance with regard to high quality standards. And this is no unnecessary luxury in a competitive environment with demanding customers! Not only that, operators genuinely enjoy using EZ-GO. They have ownership over their tasks, feel appreciated and more involved – all of which translates into loyal and satisfied employees.

Appreciated by consumers

In conclusion, the end customer also benefits from an innovation that safeguards the quality of a product. You, as a consumer, hardly give a minute’s thought about what you put on your daily bread, for instance. That is, until you detect a fragment of plastic, metal or glass in it. Only then do you understand that an error during the production process can have far-reaching consequences. Some recall actions receive wide press coverage. Most, however, get hardly any media attention at all. Nevertheless, they take place much more often than you would suspect. The reason? During complex production processes the smallest error or omission can have disastrous results.

Measurable results

The founders of EZ Factory developed the app from the perspective of the user. On the one hand, this is the operator whose performance is improved while, on the other hand, there is the consumer who expects – and deserves – a safe and high-quality product. Excluding risks by 100%? This is a noble but perhaps unachievable target. Nevertheless, it is clear that EZ-GO contribute substantially to greater safety and better quality, through an investment that companies are generally able to earn back within just a few months. This is in no way comparable to the financial nightmares associated with a recall. If you add the possibility of human injury and reputational damage to this, understand why so many manufacturing companies are enthusiastic about EZ-GO. From Heineken and Friesland Campina to FN Steel and Givaudan: they rely on EZ-GO each and every day for smooth primary maintenance processes, standardized checklists and visualized audits.

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