Flawless Shift Handover

Flawless Shift Handover

To maintain productivity, the handover from one shift to the next is crucial in a factory. When this goes well, production continues without interruption. If the handover is lacking, issues from one shift can impact the next. How can you ensure a flawless shift handover? And what tools can you use?


What is a Shift Handover?

A shift handover is when one shift ends, and the next begins. When there are no particular issues, this is straightforward. But often, there’s much to hand over; tasks that couldn’t be completed, malfunctions that were resolved or still exist, KPIs that were or weren’t met. The goal of a good handover is for the next shift to seamlessly pick up where the previous one left off.


What Goes Wrong?

Many factories operate 24/7, with 8-hour shifts that follow one another. Especially in these continuous processes, a seamless handover is essential. Any hiccup costs time and money. For instance, if a shift manager forgets to report a minor disruption, it can cause problems in the next shift, leading to downtime. Or an operator might notice a problem and report it to the Technical Service, which was already informed by the previous shift. Such situations lead to irritation and frustration for the employees. For the company, it costs time and could lead to decreased productivity or quality issues.


How Can You Prevent This?

To ensure all information is passed on during a shift handover, shift handover reports are used.

Such a report includes information such as:

  • General data like start and end times and the personnel on duty
  • KPIs such as production numbers, efficiency figures (OEE), and quality issues
  • Incidents that occurred during the shift, like (resolved) malfunctions, breakdowns, quality issues, or reports being processed by the technical service
  • Tips for the next shift, such as paying extra attention to a process component


It’s quite a hassle to put all this on paper, especially in a hectic production environment. Therefore, this handover often happens briefly and/or verbally. This risks incomplete information transfer, leading to problems. Fortunately, you can prevent this by using the right tools.


Benefits of Digital Operator Support

Digital operator platforms, like the EZ-GO platform, enhance the efficiency of the shop floor in various ways. Using a digital platform reduces paper on the shop floor and improves communication.

For the shift handover, a digital platform adds significant value. In the EZ-GO platform, there are two essential tools that ensure an effective shift handover.


Digital Checklists – Never Forget Anything

Firstly, EZ-GO has digital checklists, which can be utilized during a shift handover. You define in advance what should be in these checklists. Once set up, every shift can fill in the digital handover themselves. The shift manager proactively sees the checklist on their screen or mobile device. The list ensures the outgoing shift doesn’t forget anything. The incoming shift can always refer back to the handover for details. These checklists are viewable by all shift members.


Actions – Address Problems Immediately

Secondly, the EZ-GO platform offers the option to create ‘actions’. For example, an operator might create an action when noticing an issue, like a vulnerable point in the line. The action can be assigned to, for instance, a team leader or the technical service. The issue can be tackled immediately, preventing potential downtime. The issue is also traceable by others, offering transparency about ongoing matters. Such a report might span multiple shifts. Since it’s centrally recorded, its status is always visible.



Another advantage of digital shift handovers is that the reports provide data that can be analyzed. Does a specific shift often encounter the same issues? Or do you notice declining productivity over shifts? This data helps pinpoint and address root causes, contributing to ongoing productivity enhancement.


Want to Know More?

Looking to improve your shift handovers’ quality? Curious about what digital shift handovers can offer you? Get in touch with us; we’d be delighted to discuss or give you a demo.