Share your best practices within your organization

What works great in one factory, should be applied to other locations as well. With EZ-GO, tasks, checklists, work instructions, and audits are easily available at multiple locations. This allows you to optimize processes and results.

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Why share best practices?

When you produce at multiple locations, those factories can learn from each other. Reports show which components are performing well. By replicating best practices across locations, you create a standard and optimize results.

Analyze and optimize

From different points of view, you can see where the operation achieves the best results. For example, by comparing the OEE, analyzing common issues, or using other statistics from EZ-GO. You can easily copy the method that ensures the best results to other locations via EZ-GO, for example, by sharing digital checklists, work instructions, or tasks.

Continuous improvement becomes simple!

A global safety manager or international quality manager oversees the entire organization and can compare locations. This is good input for broad improvement programs. From the factories themselves, operations managers can proactively share best practices with each other. In both cases, a standard is created at an increasingly higher level.

Easily shared

Because work instructions, tasks, checklists and audits have been digitized, they can easily be shared within the organization. Where (sub)processes differ per location, it is easy to adjust certain steps, photos and videos per location. An optimal working method is therefore within reach for every location within the organization.

Would you like to know more about sharing best practices with the EZ-GO platform? Or do you want to apply this yourself within your company?