5S VRAAG DEMO AAN OPLOSSINGEN Digitaliseer checklijsten, kerntaken, audits
en werkinstructies in uw fabriek.

Autonoom onderhoud VRAAG DEMO AAN OPLOSSINGEN Digitaliseer checklijsten, kerntaken, audits
en werkinstructies in uw fabriek.

What is 5S?

5S is a method to better organize your workplace and is a form of visual management that incorporates everything, from floor tape to operating manuals. It’s not only about cleanliness of organizing your production environment; it is also about the maximizing the safety and efficiency and this will ultimately contribute positively to the profit of a factory. 5S is a framework that puts the emphasis on using a specific train of thought and tools to create efficiency and value. It includes observing, analysing, collaborating and looking for waste and reducing, to improve your production environment sustainably. In addition, 5S can be used in the factories, to make operators aware of their, working environment, create more overview, find business faster and increase productivity.

Digital work instructions

What does 5S stand for?

5S, also called Five S, refers to five Japanese terms used to describe the steps of the 5S system of visual management. Each term begins with an S. In Japanese the five S’s are Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. In English, the five S’s are translated as Separating, Arranging, Cleaning, Standardizing and Holding.


The 5S method is an approach to workplace organization. This method includes the five steps Separating, Arranging, Cleaning, Standardizing and Holding. In general, the steps of 5S include going through items in a production environment, removing what is not needed, organizing tools, cleaning, performing maintenance and making sure these things become habits. These steps must take place in this order and there must be a plan to perform the tasks associated with these steps regularly. This is in line with the value EZ Factory offers to your company. Thanks to the EZ-GO app, work instructions, checklists, tasks and audits can be digitized. By performing cleaning and inspection tasks, operators keep their working environment safe and clean. Next, team leaders or QESH, SHE or Quality Managers can use digital 5S audits to check that the production environment meets the 5S standards. This will contribute to the productivity of operators and will also provide more peace of mind, as one will not get frustrated by, for example, lost materials.

Our app makes an operator’s work easier

Digitize factory checklists, core tasks, audits and work instructions.

5s and a Visual Workplace

5S can also be used in a form of visual control that focuses on work processes and productivity improvement. Visual markings in a storage area can help your employees locate materials more easily, floor markers can create boundaries around workstations, and floor signs can indicate the right locations for waste and recycling bins.

When you log in to the app, you’ll see at a glance what your core tasks will be for that day. This increases safety, quality and efficiency. Tasks and audits around 5S can also be digitized through the EZ-GO app. What is unique about EZ-GO is that we focus on the operator and has therefore been developed in collaboration with operators of renowned production companies. Our slogan is: “Power to the Operator!” After all, this is the man or woman in the workplace who performs the tasks and can identify where and how processes can be optimized. Our goal is therefore to make their daily work easier and more enjoyable!

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Why autonomous maintenance?

Our apps: the solution to many challenges in production
Everywhere in production we saw the same problems every day. Maybe you recognize them?

  • Little understanding of safety
  • A lot of waste and sometimes different product quality
  • Outdated operator instructions (on paper)
  • Lines that stop unnecessarily
  • Inefficient work processes
  • Operators are not denied involvement in improvement
  • Little overview and lots of use of paper

How can we give the operator more pleasure in his work? One of our answers to these questions is the EZ-GO app, which we have developed together with operators of reputable companies.


We know the industry from the inside and like to help to make the day-to-day work easier. Thanks to our easy-to-use apps, every operator knows exactly what to do in just a few clicks, when to do it and how to do it. This makes work simple, uncluttered and fun.

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