Digital work instructions REQUEST A DEMO OUR SOLUTIONS Visualize and digitize your factory audits,
core tasks, checklist and work instructions.

Digital Checklist for Factories REQUEST A DEMO OUR SOLUTIONS Visualize and digitize your factory checklists,
core tasks, audits and work instructions.

Digital work instructions

Work instructions come in different shapes and names within the production industry. For example; SOP’s, OnePointLessons and more. Work instructions are there to give the operator a clear and structured explanation about the execution of a specific task or operation. Such work instructions consist out of step-by-steps instructions, but also the important safety- and quality aspects which are relevant when executing a task or operation. Which PPE should the operator wear or which tools should he/she use for instance.

A digital work instruction looks like the step-by-step instruction you receive while learning how to drive a car: check if the gear is in neutral, start the engine, step on the clutch, shift to the first gear and etc. The purpose of work instructions is to enable operators to execute work in a efficient and standardized way.

It’s important work instructions or standard operating procedures are not confused with factory processes or procedures. A process is a chain of activities within your production environment. A procedure establishes how your operators should perform these processes and which employee is responsible for said task. A work instruction – SOP-  describes in detail how an activity within a process (or procedure) should be performed.

Why are digital work instructions so important?

Work instructions retain the knowledge within a company and ensure that they can be localised easily by new and current employees. When ‘this is the way things are done’ is only passed on verbally from employee to employee, there is room for interpretation and human error. And knowledge of how to perform a task most efficiently is lost when an employee leaves the company and takes that knowledge with them. Good work instructions avoid all of this and keep the knowledge within your factory. Furthermore, operators should execute tasks or operations in a standardized way to prevent deviations in the production process. By digitizing work instruction in the EZ-GO app, operators always have the most updated version at hand and this will trigger him to use it more often. Looking for outdated work instructions which are stored within binders in cabinets on the production floor are not future proof anymore.

Digital work instructions reduce risks concerning accident or unsafe situations. Because digital work instructions explain the safest way of completing a task, your operators know the risks and safety standards associated with the work. In other words, clarity and standardization avoid mistakes and critical fails.

Finally, digital work instructions are time-saving. When you log on to the app, you can see at a glance what your core tasks are and which digital work instructions go with the tasks. This improves safety, quality and efficiency. Unique to the EZ-GO appis that our main focus is on the operator. Our slogan is: “Power to the Operator!” After all, this is the person in the workplace that performs the procedures and can identify where and how processes can be optimized. We know the industry by heart and are eager to help you make your daily work easier. Thanks to our user-friendly apps every operator knows what he or she needs to do, when to do it and how to do it. We visualize the work and make it easy with only a few clicks on the screen needed.

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