Effortlessly import data into other management systems

Information can be transferred directly from EZ-GO to other data systems, such as a maintenance management system (MMS) or a quality management system (QMS). The information is immediately in the right place, without duplications or data loss.

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Why integrations?

EZ-GO gives operators the ability to create actions. For example, if a pump leaks or a machine makes a strange noise. Sometimes an action like this has to be taken up by another department, such as the Technical Department (TD). They use their own systems to manage notifications. Of course, it is not convenient if a TD technician has to copy the information manually. That takes time and has the risk of errors. You also don’t want operators to have to enter their report again in a complex maintenance management system.

That’s why EZ-GO offers the possibility to transfer an action directly in another system, at the push of a button. This way, the action is taken up in the right place and no data is lost.

How integrations work

When an operator notices a deviation or point of attention, he or she creates an action in the EZ-GO app. EZ-GO can transfer this data directly to a maintenance management system via a direct link (integration). Well-known maintenance management systems include Ultimo and SAP Plant Maintenance. This link must be created once. After that, the operator just clicks the ‘send to XYZ’ button when an action is taken. The report will then be correctly placed in the desired system and taken up further there.

Also available for quality or skills management

The integration option is available for all types of management systems. Most users use integrations to transfer actions to a maintenance system. But other useful integrations are also possible. You can share maintenance statistics with a Quality Management System to make quality analyses. The skills management feature can provide data to HR systems or scheduling systems. You can feed data into BI systems through the data-api. All very useful options.

Usage in practice

Setting up an integration is a complicated task. EZ Factory is happy to guide you through the programming of this integration. Most ‘receiving’ systems, such as SAP or a QMS, are customer-specific. That is why setting up the integration requires one-time extra attention. This ensures that exactly the right data is shared in the right way. Once the integration is complete, it saves a lot of time and efficiency.

For large and small companies

Integrations make sense for both large and smaller companies. With larger, complex systems, the one-time programming is a bit more work, but the advantages are huge. For smaller companies, it is important that the few employees spend as little time as possible on manual, time-consuming data entry. By creating integrations between systems, everyone can focus optimally on their core tasks.

The integration capability is available by default on the EZ-GO platform. Are you already using it? Or would you like to know more? If so, please get in touch or request a DEMO.