“Factory heroes” get the EZ-GO production app for free

“Factory heroes” get the EZ-GO production app for free

If you’re making products that help in the fight against the coronavirus, or are drastically modifying your production process due to the crisis, we can help. Our EZ-GO app helps you make things more efficiently, quickly implement new procedures, and get operators up and running. And you’re welcome to use it free of charge for six months.

We developed this user-friendly app in 2017, based on our own experience in the manufacturing industry. It digitizes factory checklists, work instructions, autonomous maintenance, and audits, so you can carry out everyday tasks such as cleaning, inspections, and adjusting machines more quickly and easily.

EZ-GO gives operators a great deal of autonomy, and lets them suggest improvements. This intuitive and highly visual app also makes it easier to train new employees. It’s being used by global giants like Heineken and the dairy producer FrieslandCampina.

The challenges of production during a pandemic

We know the challenges of the factory floor from experience, and realise that scaling up or switching products can be a tough job. Production processes are largely standardized tasks that fit tightly together, and if something changes, many people need to told about it quickly.

For example, if you make medical products, disinfectants, or protective equipment, you’ll undoubtedly have to bring in more people and get them up to speed quickly. If you need to switch production processes, you’ll need new work instructions and checklists, which has traditionally involved writing them, printing them out, and other time-consuming tasks. With EZ-GO, you can do this digitally in minutes, so new procedures can immediately be implemented on the factory floor.

Get started within one hour

Our free offer applies to all companies working extra hard in the fight against the coronavirus, for example by making hand sanitizer, face masks, respirators, or protective clothing. And it’s also open to companies adapting to the crisis, for example by pulling out all the stops to adapt to changes in demand. We want to do our bit, and help the people we call factory heroes, so we’re offering a simple solution that saves a lot of time.

We understand that you’re very busy right now, so dealing with new systems is the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, you don’t have to! The app is so simple that everyone can set up procedures after one hour of training, and it also allows you to train operators at lightning speed.

There’s no catch: the six months really are free, and you’re not tied down. After that, just decide whether you want to continue using the app.

Respond now

If you’re dealing with production challenges because of the corona crisis, you’re cordially invited to respond.

For more information and a first impression of how EZ-GO works, visit https://ezfactory.nl/en/demo-ez-go/ or call +31 (0)88 99 04 200.