Provide safety first with digital lockout/tagout procedures

Provide safety first with digital lockout/tagout procedures

Many manufacturers own miles of production lines. These require regular maintenance and inspections, to prevent downtime and quality defects that may result in a loss of turnover and/or harm your company’s reputation.

Some maintenance tasks are carried out autonomously by machine operators, and others by internal and third-party mechanics. This maintenance is divided into Autonomous Maintenance by operators and technical maintenance by a technical department or external engineers. During maintenance, it is necessary to ensure safety by using the correct tools. However the tasks are performed, safety must always be the number one priority.

One way of guaranteeing the safety of everybody involved in this process is to ensure that power sources are secured and machines are switched off correctly while inspections and maintenance are carried out.

The EZ-GO app from EZ Factory lets you create digital lockout/tagout checklists, so maintenance workers always follow your standard procedures and guarantee their own and others’ safety. The checklists are easy to set up, and highly visual.

EZ-GO also allows you to digitise safety audits, and to plan autonomous maintenance tasks. In this way, mechanics, team leaders, and managers can carry out checks at any time to ensure that safety requirements are observed during inspections and maintenance.

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