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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is planned and executed to improve the reliability of factories, installations and machinery to prevent damages, downtime, errors and other issues during production time.

The activities are performed according to a fixed maintenance schedule. With the EZ-GO app from EZ Factory, employee ownership is linked to the machines with which they work every day. This can also be called autonomous maintenance or firstline maintenance. This results in a greater sense of responsibility for the production machines. Preventive maintenance leads to more knowledge and expertise among production employees regarding the machines, a higher reliable output, ownership based on knowledge and skills and a higher satisfaction and motivation among production employees.


Our app makes an operator’s work easier

Digitize factory checklists, core tasks, audits and work instructions.

Why preventive maintenance?

We have been in many different types of production companies, but we encountered similar problems within each production company. You may recognize the problems:

  • Low safety awareness
  • Long downtime
  • Significant amounts of waste, quality defects and recalls
  • Outdated instructions for operators (on paper)
  • Inefficient processes
  • Paper registrations are difficult to follow
  • Operators are not involved in continuous improvement

The above aspects will occur less by embedding preventive maintenance within your factory. Every production company experienced one or more of the mentioned issues above. This often means that output is lost and customers have to be disappointed. Our platform gives operators the right tools to simplify and improve processes concerning firstline maintenance.

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The platform for every factory

Improve safety, quality and efficiency by digitizing paper forms, lists and other documents on the shop floor.


Preventive maintenance checklist

To bring more joy and overview into the daily work of an operator, we have developed the app together with operators from reputable manufacturers.  With the EZ-GO app, factories can digitize work instructions, checklists, firstline maintenance tasks, and audits to improve safety, quality and efficiency.

Preventive maintenance will reduce the number of unexpected failures, the availability of your machines will be higher, the quality will be guaranteed and the life of your machines will be extended.. This all is very easy with our mobile inspection app, autonomous maintenance task scheduler and more.

With the app you can see at a glance which core tasks concerning autonomous maintenance should be executed for that specific shift. This increases the quality, safety and efficiency. EZ-GO is aimed at the operator. Our slogan is: “Power to the Operator!”. Because, this is the man or woman in the workplace who performs the autonomous maintenance tasks every single day to produce high quality products and can identify where and how processes can be optimized. Our goal is therefore to make their daily work easy and satisfying by creating a paperless factory!

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Why Preventive Maintenance?

Our apps are the best solution for challenges in production. Everywhere within production companies we came across similar problems. Maybe you recognize them?

  • Low safety awareness
  • Considerable amounts of waste
  • quality defects and recalls
  • Out-dated instructions for operators (on paper)
  • Long down-time
  • Inefficient processes
  • Operators are not involved in continuous improvement
  • Paper registrations are difficult to monitor

How could we bring more joy to the daily work of the operator? One of our answers to these questions is our EZ-GO app. We developed this Mobile Inspections App together with operators from well-run factories.

We know the industry by heart and are eager to help you to make your daily work easier. Thanks to our user-friendly apps every operator know what he or she needs to do, when to do it and how to do it. We visualize the work and make it easy with only a few clicks on the screen needed.

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