EZ Factory receives capital injection for further growth

EZ Factory receives capital injection for further growth

AMSTERDAM – The Dutch startup EZ Factory has recently raised capital for further growth of the company. Investors were impressed by the business performance and potential of the apps. The investment will be used for further development of software, expansion of the IT organization and growth in sales capacity. 

EZ Factory develops mobile solutions (apps), with a focus on continuous improvement within production environments. The simple and visual apps are used within factories to digitize checklists, first-line maintenance tasks and audits. Furthermore, the solution offers the possibility to setup work instructions and motivates operators to propose improvements to the standard. The app meets the needs of different employees within production environments, such as operators, team leaders, production managers, lean managers and mechanics. EZ Factory’s mission is to make the daily work of people in factories easier, by using visualization, standardization and providing easy to use software. Our motto is: ”Power to the Operator!”

Expanding IT organization
“We now have the resources to further expand our own IT organization, which means we can serve the industry with simple and effective apps that are easy to use. Our apps make continuous improvement possible and deliver results”, explains co-founder Robert Bouwman, who focuses on product development on behalf of EZ Factory. Meanwhile, the search for suitable candidates for the new IT positions has begun.

Creating a safer working environment
This funding will not only help EZ Factory to continue current growth, but will also empower operators in the factory. “Thanks to our thought-out and user-friendly EZ-GO app, core tasks concerning production and corresponding work instructions are always up to date. An operator can even identify points for improvement. That helps to create a safe, hygienic environment where people can enjoy working”, states co-founder Randy Appiah, who is in charge of business development.

Challenges on the factory floor
Both founders have seen various challenges in the workplace for years. That made them think. “How can we make an operator’s work easier, so that their job becomes more fun?” says Bouwman. “We believe in our apps, that are visually supported by images and videos. Now operators in factories know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Thanks to this effective and efficient method of first-line maintenance, safety on the factory site increases, product quality goes up, there is less chance of recall and the production lines experience less down-time.”

For and by operators
The reactions so far have been enthusiastic; in particular, operators are happy with the app. And that is important, because EZ-GO has been developed with their needs in mind. “In fact, we have asked operators from renowned companies what they need. This was the basis for our app”, Bouwman continues. “Operators state that they enjoy working with EZ-GO, that it’s nice that they finally know what to do, and that it’s a pleasure to work with.”

Expanding sales capacity
More and more companies are discovering the app. EZ-GO first appeared in a factory in 2017, and nowadays many large businesses use the app at their production sites. Operators from companies such as Heineken, FrieslandCampina and British Steel have embraced EZ-GO. “We want to grow and introduce more operators and factories to EZ-GO,” says Appiah. “That is why we are striving to further expand our sales capacity, so that we can create even more fans. It’s our mission to make work easier and more fun. Doesn’t everyone want that?”

Would you like to know more?
You can read more about EZ Factory and the EZ-GO app on www.ezfactory.nl. Via the website you can also request a demonstration, so we can show you exactly how the app works. You will also receive more information about what our apps can do for you and your company.