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FN Steel improves safety, quality and efficiency with the EZ-GO app

FN Steel improves safety, quality and efficiency with the EZ-GO app

FN Steel in Alblasserdam manufactures high-grade steel products, primarily for the automotive industry where end-product quality is of vital importance for the safety of the end-consumer.

In the video below, taken from the RTL Z programme “De Barometer”, Randy Appiah from EZ Factory and Ori Bisdom from FN Steel explain the added value of the EZ-GO app, which comes down to focus on and monitoring of tidiness and orderliness and managing towards standards to improve safety as well as product/process quality performance.

The app was developed by EZ Factory and is used by large internationally operating companies such as FrieslandCampina, Heineken and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, for standardisation and assurance of their processes by digitising checklists, autonomous maintenance, audits and work instructions.

When on tv?

The abovementioned episode of ‘De Barometer’ was broadcasted by RTL Z on Sunday, March 1 at 10.00 a.m. Missed it? Watch the video by clicking the link below:



Do you want to achieve and assure results just like FN Steel?

Replace paper forms in your factory and realise sustainable results with the EZ-GO app:

–    Reduce the risk of safety incidents

–    Improve the quality of products and reduce quality defects

–    Improve hygiene in the factory

–    Meet customer requirements

–    Improve your operators’ overview of what to do as well as when and how to do it

–    Reduce unscheduled downtime and short stoppages

–    Increase operator productivity

–    Accelerate and improve the process of training new operators

–    Increase your appeal as an employer for potential employees

–    Depending on the size of your factory, the app will deliver between €80K and €250K worth of financial gains every year

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Conduct a license-free, two-month test pilot with part of your production lines, no strings attached. That is the only way to get a taste of digital success and assess the added value. For more information: hi@ezfactory.nl