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Visual work instructions

Visual work instructions provide relevant information at the time of action. The visual work instructions show how an action should be performed in a simple and visual format. Visual work instructions can be used to assist in performing a Standard Operating Procedure, operating a machine and any other possible action on the shop floor.

By using visual work instructions, you avoid confusion in the workplace and increase effectiveness and safety. Operators will execute procedures and processes in the same way. This increases the final productivity and output of the factory.

About 80% of efficiency loss in the workplace is due to human error. By using visual work instructions, many of these errors can be avoided. Nowadays, the machines and automatic installations are an important part of production processes. Knowing how a machine works is crucial to overall productivity.

Our app makes an operator’s work easier

Digitize factory checklists, core tasks, audits and work instructions.

EZ Factory

Visual work instructions with EZ Factory

The use of visual work instructions is a proven method with a good structure that has made the difference between failure and success within many factories. To bring more fun and overview to the daily work of an operator, we developed the app together with operators of reputable manufacturers.  The EZ-GO app digitizes visual work instructions, checklists, autonomous maintenance tasks and audits to improve safety, quality and efficiency within factories. Visual work instructions reduce the number of errors made and the life of your machines will be extended. This prevents unnecessary waste from production issues and customers won’t be disappointed about the quality.

With the app, you can see at a glance what the visual work instructions are for the task you’re doing. This increases quality, safety and efficiency. EZ-GO focuses on the operator. Our slogan is: “Power to the Operator!”. The operator is the person in the workplace that performs the autonomous maintenance tasks every day to produce high quality products and can identify where and how processes can be optimized. Our goal is to make their daily work easy and fulfilling by creating a paperless factory!

The platform for every factory

Improve safety, quality and efficiency by digitizing paper forms, lists and other documents on the shop floor.

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Why EZ Factory?

Our apps are the best solution for challenges in production. Everywhere within production companies we came across similar problems. Maybe you recognize them?

  • Low safety awareness
  • Considerable amounts of waste
  • Quality defects and recalls
  • Out-dated instructions for operators (on paper)
  • Long down-time
  • Inefficient processes
  • Operators are not involved in continuous improvement
  • Paper registrations are difficult to monitor

How could we bring more joy to the daily work of the operator? One of our answers to these questions is our EZ-GO app. We developed this Mobile Inspections App together with operators from well-run factories.

We know the industry by heart and are eager to help you to make your daily work easier. Thanks to our user-friendly apps every operator know what he or she needs to do, when to do it and how to do it. We visualize the work and make it easy with only a few clicks on the screen needed.

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